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Up until last year, I lived my entire life in cold weather areas of the country. When I did, there was always something enjoyable about the disruption caused by a heavy, heavy snowfall. Maybe it was the uniqueness of the day, maybe it was the beauty of a white-covered earth, or maybe it was just the fact that a heavy snowfall forced all of us to slow down a little bit. But either way, despite the inconvenience, there was always plenty of joy to be found in the marvel of a crippling snowfall.

May those of you living in the midst of a winter storm find joy within it today. And similarly, may those of you currently living through a stormy season of life also find yourself able to discover joy and peace within it.

Perhaps a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and some encouraging words will be helpful:

How I Live: Being a Minimalist (or Minimal-ish) | All Things Campbell by Lisa Campbell. Lisa writes of the joy and impact on well-being that she has found in keeping material belongings pared down to a comfortable, manageable amount.

Minimalist Style: The 10-Item Capsule Wardrobe | Huffington Post Blog by Francine Jay. Whether a 10-piece wardrobe is perfect for you or not, I always appreciate the accessibility with which Francine writes. The principles she promotes in her writing are always highly-transferrable.

7 Things Happy People Say Every Day | Marc and Angel Hack Life by Marc and Angel Chernoff. Oozing with positivity and truth, these 7 simple statements do indeed help change our mind and our attitude.

One Hour That Will Change Your Life | Stephanie Lynn Stevens by Stephanie Lynn Stephens. This past week, I absolutely fell in love with Stephanie’s blog dedicated to the fact that “less makes room for more.” And if you happen to be reading this post during the quiet of an early morning, you know exactly why I included it.

How to Do Less and Influence More | Relevant Magazine by Jeff Shinabarger. The greatest influencers in our lives rarely have huge followings through social media. A one-on-one conversation by a person who speaks into a life is exponentially more influential than having 50,000 Twitter followers.

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  1. says

    Thank you for these weekend reads. I am a teacher and the week is always busy and full. I sleep in a wee bit on Saturday, but I’m still up early, lazily perusing the blogs. Lately I’ve noticed the Weekend Reads and with coffee in hand I slowly enjoy each article. It is a wonderful way to refresh and relax into my weekend.

  2. says

    Stephanie’s post on ‘One Hour’ is fabulous and true. I got up at 3:30 am this morning and felt like I’d already lived a whole day by 8 am.

    Dan @ ZenPresence.com

  3. Annie says

    I was born and raised in NYC. I still live here, but now I have an apartment near a busy highway and a bridge, which can be quite noisy. One of my favorite things about a winter storm is the hush that lays over the city from the blanket of snow. It reminds me to pause and breathe a bit slower, and take in the beauty of the frosted trees. Your blog does the same for me. After I read each entry I spend time considering it and how it relates to my life. I especially like the weekend reads.

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