what a minimalist receives for christmas – round 1

i determined to write down everything that i receive for christmas this year.  i think it would be interesting to see everything listed in one place.  i also think it would be interesting to look back in one year and see which items i really did need and still use.  plus, if i were to ever measure my worth by how much stuff people gave me, this would be a great place to raise my self-esteem.  because our christmas celebrations are spread out over a few weeks, i’ll post my gifts as i receive them.

round 1 (our family christmas – husband, wife, son, daughter)

  • pair of workout shorts (for my new gym membership)
  • pair of workout/warm-up pants (see above)
  • box of chocolate covered cherries
  • new watch (replaces my old one that broke)
  • a gps unit for my vehicle

more to come…

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  1. Christy says

    I got a few fabulous things for someone attempting to remain uncluttered…for one, a smaller, more concise bible commentary to replace my husband’s enormous 2 volume version. Talk about a bookshelf saver.

    A few things that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with – I got a breath-taking cherry wood jewelry box. It is as large as a treasure chest but absolutely stunning. I love it, but there goes the empty dresser.

    I, interestingly, got a pack of vacuum storage bags in my stocking…I think some family thinks I am storing things vs purging. I even got a baking soda fridge freshener. How’s that for cluttering your fridge?!

    But overall I am trying to do see all that I have as a reflection of the people that love me. Whether I keep them or not, I feel loved and that’s precious.

    I’m curious to see what your extended family did to give knowing your new desire for minimalism…hope you guys had an amazing Christmas.

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