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I am looking forward to a number of conversations around the country about minimalism in the coming months. Some opportunities stem from things I was previously working on, while others have pushed me to further explore the intersection of minimalism and life.

In either case, I continue to find living with fewer possessions a life-giving pursuit. It is one that frees the human spirit and the human heart from material possessions. It allows us freedom to direct our focus towards more meaningful pursuits. And in every opportunity, it is always my hope to share this inspiration. If you find yourself located near any of these upcoming opportunities, consider joining us:

_Thinking Richer About Money.

February. Journey Church. Peoria AZ.

Our lives are too valuable to waste chasing possessions. Unfortunately, both outside and inside the church, the pursuit of wealth and materialism remains one of the greatest undiagnosed distractions of our time. But Jesus offered bold, life-giving teachings on money and possessions. Correctly understood, his ideas bring life, freedom, meaning, and fulfillment to those who choose to embrace them. This 6-week conversation (every other Tuesday evening) based on the Scriptural account of Jesus is designed to redefine our thinking on money, possessions, income, work, and generosity.

Open to the public. If you live in the Peoria/Pheonix-area and are interested in joining us, contact me directly for more information: becomingminimalist [at] gmail.

_How Minimalism Is Changing Entrepreneurship.

March 11. SXSW Interactive. Austin, TX.

People can earn a living doing what they love. We’ve all heard this before. But most people don’t realize they don’t need to earn as much money as they think to live contently. And with the fear-of-money obstacle out of the way, entrepreneurship becomes far more achievable—far realer.

I am excited to be teaming up with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists and Courtney Carver of Be More With Less to show people that they can live more meaningful lives while earning considerably less money. Through inspiration, personal stories, and practical application, our desire is to inspire others to finally pursue their passions in entrepreneurship.

After all, you don’t have to live your life fed-up with your career; you needn’t be stressed out by the rat race. Using the principles of minimalism, you can pursue your dream, make less money, and live a more meaningful life at the same time.

Registration through SXSW required. Information hereIf you will be at SXSW next month, be sure to schedule our panel today.

_Life Grows Out of Gratitude.

April 14. Journey Church. Peoria, AZ.

I am looking forward to be officially presenting on the importance of developing gratitude in our lives in April. Gratitude is a discipline I have come to appreciate more and more over the past number of years in my life. It is a topic that I write about often. In fact, it would certainly be considered a recurring theme on this site. It will be a pleasure to present it to a brand-new audience.

Open to the public. Information available here.

_Jesus, Consumerism and America

July 12, LIFE 2013 Student Conference. St. Louis, MO.

This July, I will be presenting at one of the nation’s largest Christian conferences for high school students on the benefits of embracing minimalism as a lifestyle. Our most recent book, Living with Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness, is specifically tailored for young adults and high school students. Our hope with the book has been to introduce as many people as possible to the life-giving message of minimalism before they become saddled with a high mortgage, credit card debt, or jobs they don’t enjoy. LIFE 2013 will be another opportunity to do the same.

Registration through LIFE 2013 required.

_Thinking Richer About Money

August 5-9, Okoboji Lakes Conference. Okoboji, IA.

Towards the end of the summer, I will be in the beautiful lakes region of Okoboji, IA presenting thoughts designed to redefine our thinking on money, possessions, income, work, and generosity. The Okoboji Conference presentation will take place over the course of 5 sessions. Attendees are welcome to attend any or all morning sessions.

Open to the public. Information available here.

If home for you is not located near any of these presentations, you can still find me writing here on a regular basis. Or even better, invite me to speak in your community.


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  1. says

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now, but I hadn’t realized until I read this post about your speaking engagements that you focus on Christianity. Are you welcoming to people of other faiths (Judaism, Buddhism, probably more…) that espouse the same values of what is truly important in life (not stuff, but people, nature, spirituality, and experiences)? I’ve read about the Dalai Lama here at your blog, so I think I already know the answer, but I would like to verify. Thank you, Joshua.

    • joshua becker says

      Well, of course, Joy. The value and the benefits of minimalism are available and experienced by all who embrace it. Minimalists come in all ages, genders, races, nationalities, social classes, and religions. As a result, this blog has never been specific to any one religion.

  2. says

    I would sure love to hear you speak sometime. In order to listen to your panel at SXSW do you have to actually be registered? It’s so expensive, but I’ve heard from some friends that there is still plenty to do there even if you go and aren’t registered.

  3. says

    Thank you for letting your readers know about your speaking engagements. For me, even though most of these would be too far for me to attend (Toronto is where I currently reside), it works as a sort of inspiration to where I would like to be in a few years with my blog. I love the idea of spreading the message of minimalism and yoga through writing and speaking engagements. Thanks again for a great blog and good luck to you in all your endeavours.

  4. says

    Okoboji! What a gem. Iowans are extremely nice (especially the retirees up at the lakes!) and you’ll feel totally welcomed there. This tour will be a very exciting adventure, I imagine. Are you bringing your family? What made you decide on these particular places?

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