when less is better

  • golf scores
  • crying babies
  • mosquitoes
  • clutter
  • nuclear waste
  • credit card statements
  • amusment park lines
  • armpit hair
  • speeding tickets
  • dress sizes
  • john and kateĀ 
  • nuclear weapons
  • gas prices
  • cats
  • prescriptions
  • reality television shows
  • back pain
  • poverty
  • blood-alcohol level
  • enemies
  • pink slips
  • pollen
  • homework
  • red lights
  • pollution
  • yankee wins
  • spelling errors

got anything to add?

Joshua Becker

About Joshua Becker

Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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  1. says


    Ehmm.. yes, that may be based on a trauma ;)
    greetings from the netherlands!

  2. Ittap says

    Fun list! Thanks for including Jon & Kate on it.

    Just found your website today (from Zen Habits where I lurk) and I’ve already bookmarked you. I look forward to reading your archives.

    I’ve been decluttering for the past 7 yrs and now am pretty much down to the last layer. My goal is to pare down to “everything I own fits in the car,” and for the first time, looking at what I have left vs. what I really need/love/use, I actually think it’s a do-able goal.

    The biggest hurdle I have in achieving my goal, however, is how to provide a proper home for my 3 cats (also all 3 rescues, and “fixed”); my own comfort and safety I’m not as worried about as I am theirs.

    Oh well didn’t mean to hijack your post; back to lurking.

  3. Claire Fun says

    Attendees to a 5 year olds birthday party.

    It’s my current trauma, coming up in a couple of days. My son invited so many!

    Love this place – I too found it through Zen Habits and I’ve been feeling the urge for a while, but I do love my *things* – I’m an obsessive knitter so have too much yarn, I’m into Japanese culture so love having little japanese knick-knacks to show off the things I’m into. I’m a photographer and have the most stunningly beautiful child so there’s photos of him everywhere…you get the idea. We’re also becoming self-sufficient-ish so there’s a whole lot of home-brewing equipment, stuff we need for the allotment, etc scattered about – it’s hard to balance the minimalism with the self-sufficiency and get the levels perfect, but I’m trying my best. Thank you for being inspirational!

  4. Lesley says

    My two cats and I disagree too! (So long as you don’t go overboard and hoard cats!) :) They, too, are rescues and I am an advocate for spaying and neutering to try and have fewer cats who need homes! Great blog!

  5. C.A. says

    Just started going thru your archives so this is a little late but better late than never…lol

    Housing footprint

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