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does pulling weeds count as minimalizing?

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  1. says

    Lol! There are areas of my property which I do weed, but most of it I allow to go a bit wild (like most of the backyard) since I’ve grown a deep appreciation for wild plants. Giving up control was hard initially, but I’ve saved a lot of time and energy by changing my mindset.

    So many “weeds” are really quite useful, and I’ve really enjoyed learning about them. Some are just pretty. Some are tasty. Some are medicinal. Some help add needed nutrients to the soil. Some are really good at stopping erosion. Some attract good insects or ward off bad ones (I especially love ones that attract butterflies). Etc.

    Obviously, there are some weeds you don’t want in certain places, but you might have a different view of some of those plants when you learn more about them. Just a thought ; )

  2. Christy says

    YES! Because it reduces the clutter you have to look at and makes you smile inside when you look at the freshly weeded patch. :)

  3. di says

    We only cut our grass 3 times during the summer.

    We usually have a yard filled with purple and white violets, cheddar pinks, daisies, wild strawberries, orange and yellow paint brushes, pink and white clover, etc.

    We find long, wavy grass to be so much more pleasurable to walk on.

  4. di says

    My grandparents did not have a gas or electric lawn mower. They let the outskirts of their yard grow tall.

    To us kids, the tall grass seemed to provide a lot of privacy and we loved running through it. Her cat probably envisioned it as a jungle.

    It also easily reseeded itself.

  5. di says

    I’ve seen lawns filled with daffodils and blue bells, marsh marigold, stock and wildflowers, poppies.

    Just a path and a few sitting areas were all that was needed.

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