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The following is a guest post by Courtney Carver of Be More with Less.

When I first wrote Living in the Land of Enough as a guest post on this blog, I had no idea it would become a 7-part series on my blog, or translated into Italian, but the more I wrote about The Land of Enough, the more time I wanted to spend there. Today, as the series comes to a close, I thought it would be exciting to share the conclusion on the same blog where it started.

In the very first post about the Land of Enough, I wrote about seven topics. Subsequently, each topic became its own chapter in the series. Here is a quick recap:

Visiting the Land of Enough

  1. Save Your Money. There is no need for credit cards or therapeutic shopping in the land of enough. There are also no overdraft fees or ATM charges. Just put your cards away for 10 days. Then, keep a list of purchases you would have made if you were using your credit card, or if you were shopping for sport, and take note of the money that you didn’t spend.
  2. Take Your Time. In the land of enough, you have time to breathe. Stop trying to squeeze so much in. If you are always running late, falling behind, or trying to catch up, try slowing down. Cancel a few unnecessary appointments and don’t schedule any new ones if you can help it. Then, make a little time everyday for solitude.
  3. Disconnect. Set a specific time to disconnect each day. In the land of enough, there is less need to be plugged in. If you can, commit to not using a computer after dinner or before lunch time. Be mindful of how much time you spend online and are virtually available. Protect your time and your mind.
  4. Eat Real Food. Only eat food that you prepare. Summertime is the perfect time to eat fresh food – fruits and veggies are often fresh, local, and less expensive than buying them in winter. Do not eat anything from a box, restaurant or drive-thru. While you may choose to eat less by eliminating processed foods, you may find that you naturally eat just enough.
  5. Make Space. Clear out some space in your house. You don’t need to take on big purging projects during this time to make space. Simplify one room (or even just the corner of one room) and keep it as clean and clutter free as possible. Even if the rest of your house is cluttered, this area can be a great reminder of how you might feel living with less.
  6. Entertain Yourself. Unplug your TV and plan to enjoy your friends, family, the great outdoors, or a book you have been meaning to read. Do not spend time and money on expensive shows, travel or recreational activities. While the land of plenty calls you to spend more money for entertainment, you already have enough right where you are.
  7. Say Thank You. As you go through these steps, you will find enough time and space to be grateful. Through prayer, thank you cards, or a kind gesture, share your gratitude every day.

I love the Land of Enough, but the challenging part for me is being there, and attending to my everyday life at the same time. Some of you commented that living this way all the time is not realistic, and I agree.

If you think that living this life is appealing, but impractical on a daily basis, don’t give up all together. Instead, set aside one day a week, or month to live according to the recommendations above. Choose your favorite ideas and make them part of your life.

When you begin to spend even a few minutes a day in the Land of Enough, you will quickly realize that the experience starts in your heart and begins to change it. But even before you start to make changes, know that you are enough. Sometimes we think we have so far to go to get to where we want to be, that we don’t even try. We think we don’t deserve better because of our current situation. Regardless of your current habits or circumstances, you are enough. You’ve always been enough.

There is one thing about The Land of Enough that I forgot to tell you. Because everyone there is living more authentically and simply, and because they don’t live under a burden of constant stress, they are loving. Simply put, it is easier to love more deeply when you realize you have enough… that you are enough.

The transition from regular life to the Land of Enough takes time. Instead of trying to incorporate all of the changes at once, slowly and deliberately transition the best parts to your life.

What is one change you would like to adopt from the Land of Enough?


Read the entire Land of Enough series or visit Courtney’s blog. She writes about simplifying and living life on purpose at Be More with Less. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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  1. says

    I’m particularly loving the money, space and disconnect parts (I’ve closed my Facebook account just an hour ago and feel quite liberated); I found them particularly addictive.
    Also, I wanted to add that translating the series is an absolute pleasure!

  2. says

    For me, Facebook simplifies my life and my connections to family and friends, but if I’m not careful it can become a giant timesuck.

    In the land of enough I enjoy being able to walk to my kitchen in complete darkness, reach to a particular shelf and immediately locate the puppy treats when they are needed. After spending years having to turn on the light and hunt for things (and having stuff fall on me at times) that alone is incredibly refreshing!

  3. says

    I have been working on several sections a little at a time. I have cleared out lots of extra stuff, and I am enjoying the space. I know there will come a day that I will go a step further, but for now, it is nice.
    We have also been working on our food. Haven’t cut out all the junk, but working hard to increase the fresh and self-prepared meals.
    As I have begun buying less, it is nice to not have to worry so much about money, but I long for the day that it is no longer an issue at all.
    Having more time has been the biggest change for me. I gave up a career working 80+ hours a week that had sucked the life out of me. I am enjoying having more time to just BE, and to be with my family and to create and to determine my next steps in my life.
    Thank you, Courtney, for this journey through the Land of Enough!
    Get enough sleep

    • says

      Wow Bernice – 80 hours a week? When did you sleep?

      I think approaching a simpler life a little bit at a time is a great approach. After all, if all the uncluttering and changing becomes more important than actually enjoying life, then we’ve missed the point all together.

  4. says

    Book me a ticket.

    Seriously though, I think people have trouble realizing that change is already within them and they just need to activate it. A simpler, more enjoyable life is just a few choices away. Our society has us so scared of giving up they buy-buy-buy philosophy that many people are slaves to it.

  5. says


    Thanks for some timely reminders (thinking of printing this list :) We’re in a season of writing and working on projects that do demand a fair bit of computer time, we are trying to desperately protect time offline, unplugged and in decompress mode for our health and peace of mind. A bit of a challenge, but a daily goal. Really enjoyed the series and appreciate that Becoming Minimalist does too!

  6. says

    I love this concept of living in the land of enough. For me, entertainment is one I’ve been thinking about lately. Just how much time do I need to be sitting passively and receiving entertainment each week? So much of that time could be used for nurturing relationships or creating something of my own.

  7. queen of string says

    What a gorgeous, beautiful post. How do you see inside my head like that ;-). Just off to your blog for a quick peek.

  8. says

    This is awesome. I’ve been sculpting my life to be more and more like this over the past two years. You can’t do it all at once, but if you see where you want to go and start moving in that direction, you will get closer. The time thing is especially crucial–without that one, I can never really relax enough to enjoy the others.

  9. Mel says

    Brilliant! Time seems to be my biggest issue. Sadly, I work 70 miles (one way) from my job. I dream of the day when there is no long, time consuming drive. The upside is that when I am home I appreciate every moment of simply being…

  10. says

    This is a fantastic comprehensive post, Courtney. I really enjoyed your Living in the Land of Enough series.

    For me, eating real food, entertaining myself and no cards is easy, because I love it, I enjoy it, it’s fun. However, de-cluttering (my wardrobe for example) and living graciously I find takes or has taken far more effort, but is still really gratifying, so there is constantly incentive to do both more fully. Taking time is what I’m terrible at. I value it, immensely, I mean I’m a therapist and pilates instructor for goodness sake. My jobs are both centered around facilitating this for others. I’ve got pockets of time built in, but outside of those pockets my schedule remains packed. This is an ongoing goal and struggle for me to both create more pockets of time for private retreat and to simply do less. For now, I’ll just aim to still my heart and mind through prayer, tiny bits of time claimed for prayer.

  11. Det Nilam says

    HI Courtney,

    Fantastic advice!. :-) I already implemented few of your points. However, it is very important to state that those changes will not come over night, even if we want them to happen desperately. It takes time! I have seen a lot of disappointed friends giving up just because it was too long and difficult to implement an idea.

  12. says

    I really like the idea of putting the credit card away for 10 days and making a list of all that I would have purchased. I think that could garner some very interesting results!

  13. says

    For me I think the most important part is “Take Your Time. In the land of enough, you have time to breathe. Stop trying to squeeze so much in”- I have been running at full steam ahead – no time for myself- no time to breathe- for too long now.

    So far this year, as I am consciously making the effort to stop, breathe, relax and reflect, I find that I am starting to feel better. I am more positive and with this change in attitude I am starting to have more hope again.

    And it feels good…

  14. says

    I follow all of the above rules and I have to say my life is so fulfilling! I canceled cable, work from home, cook 90% of my meals at home (unless I’m traveling for work), and I am constantly trying to declutter. Taking time to breathe is what I call Yoga. And spending quality time reading and playing music is how I spend time with my spouse. Life is absolutely wonderful!!! The best part is that I lost the urge to shop all of the time. I was such a shopaholic for years because I thought I needed the most up to date styles on shoes, clothing and bags. Now I’m living with less and spending less. The bank account is definitely showing for it too!!!

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