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with the arrival of spring, the high temperatures here in vermont are consistently settling into the 50s and 60s.  and with the new seaon comes the opportunity to remove winter clothing from my closet and from my life.  if i didn’t wear it this winter, why would i think i’m going to wear it next winter?  instead of just putting into a box marked “winter clothing,” i prefer to put it into a box marked “goodwill donations” or “garage sale.”

in reality, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  i read a great piece of advice from this week to help identify pieces of clothing to clear out : hang your clothes with the hangers in reverse direction.  as you wear a piece of clothing, you will return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction.  at the end of the season (or 6 months if you live in a mild climate), take notice of the clothes you have not worn and promptly discard.  you just may be surprised at the number of articles that are only taking up closet space.

if you are in the habit of changing over your closet to match the season as we do in my home, this is a perfect time of year to give it a shot.

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  1. Theresa says

    I’ve been doing this for several years, except I use blue plastic hangars at the beginning of the season, and gradually as the clothes are worn, washed and rehung on white hangars, I become aware of the clothes that have not been worn by the color of the hangar. Works every time
    BYW, my journey to become minimalist started 8/19/09 after I found your blog site. I have already filled quite a few boxes with the things I have removed. Thanks for this blog.

  2. says

    I find it easier to re-evaluate clothing when it’s coming out of storage. Last weekend I tried on all my summer clothes as I took them out of the “summer” box, and was amazed/disgusted at how many really didn’t fit or weren’t flattering. Out, out!

    I also have thin plastic discs on my closet rod that let me know what month I last wore something in. Since 1/1/10 I’ve been always replacing clothes on the left, and adding a new disc at the beginning of each month. It’s not so hard to get rid of a shirt if I realize I haven’t worn it this year at all and still don’t feel like wearing it.

    Hope my volume of comments is okay… I’m reading all the way through from the beginning.

  3. Christopher says

    I’m slowly making my way through this website, so that’s why this comment is so late. I have a great system, I think, and it’s similar to Oprah’s. Every time I or my wife does laundry, the worn clothes always are put in on the right side of all my clothes. After just a couple months all the clothes I no longer wear are filtered all the way to the left side of the closet.

  4. says

    I actually did a variation on this. Last year, when the “winter” wardrobe was to be brought back in to replace the summer clothes, I set my short sleeved button down shirts either in a garment bag in the way back corner of the closet or hung them on another part out of the way where I don’t usually reach. I also hung duplicate khakis, of which I have a few, also on that out of the way part of the closet. I figured that even in warmer days I seem to use my long sleeved shirts and simply roll up the sleeves. I haven’t needed to touch anything I set aside yet. The only reason I still have them is my wife won’t let me get rid of them. She keeps thinking I might need them “some day!”
    I did the same last spring with my clothes in my dresser drawers. I did have 6 drawers of clothes that were mostly seasonal and were switched out with 2 large bins for the other season. I purged many things I had not worn for many years and sent them to Goodwill. My wife hasn’t missed these since I knew they were items she didn’t like anyway. Many other items were placed in the bins and I only kept out what I knew I would wear regularly in any season. I was able to cut down those items to only need 4-1/2 drawers and eliminate the need to change out anything for the changing seasons. I’ve been going at this arrangement now for 8 or 9 months now. My wife was going through the closet today and looked in the bin of my stuff that was put away and asked if I wanted to put my polo shirts in the bin and take out the long sleeved shirts for winter. I simply told her I had everything I needed in the drawers already.

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