a definition of clutter

webster (you know, the one who wrote that dictionary) defines clutter as “to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.” is it just me or does that defintion feel cluttered?

here is how i have come to define clutter in my life…

clutter is anything that is disorganized. the motto in our house goes like, “everything has a home.” clutter collects when things have strayed from their home and got mixed up with everything else. toys left on the floor. mail sitting on the kitchen table. shoes outside the hallway closet. clothes that need to be put away sitting out. a work file not returned to its cabinet. the list continues. anything that is disorganized or untidy is clutter.

clutter is anything you don’t need or love. one of the joys of becoming minimalist is that we are constantly pushed to define what we truly value in life. through the process we have learned that a home filled with only the things we use and love is a home that we truly love to use.

clutter is too much stuff in too small a space. this takes many forms: too many clothes in one drawer. too many items in a bathroom cabinet. too many knick-knacks on one shelf. too much furniture in one room. remember, you can be creative with your storage solutions for only so long.

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  1. mike says

    I forgot what is the acronym to the word clutter. This word was used a lot on Joy Behar show I think in November of this year on HLN. This word was followed by the word disorder. It describes those unorganized, clustery, missy people at home. I kept searching and looking it up on the net but to no avail. Any help would appreciated.



  2. di says

    Once everything “has a home”, it doesn’t take long to put everything away before you finish a project.

    The project may be doing dishes, homework or laundry. If you tidy an area when done, it’s so much easier when you need to approach it again.

    Patience and discipline.

    • di says

      After a while, you become more efficient and no longer really think about it. Everything becomes routine or second nature.

  3. di says

    Storage is such a big business. It’s easy to get caught up in buying containers as well as space.

    Depends upon your frame of mind.

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