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i love selling books on ebay.  first, it gets them out of my house.  second, i like turning my old stuff into money.  and third, it’s so easy!

if you have never sold a book on ebay, i highly recommend it.  ebay (as a minimalizing technique) can be very time-consuming.  taking pictures, writing descriptions, and shipping packages tend to be a hassle for only a $4 profit.  but ebay eliminates nearly all the time-consuming hassle when it comes to books.

when selling books, all you need to enter is the isbn number located on the back of most books.  ebay automatically registers all the information about the book (title, author, description, etc.) leaving you to enter just a one sentence description and your shipping cost.  not to mention, shipping books is easy (one manila envelope, please) and cheap (usps parcel post).

i hopped on ebay today to list some books that i found in my basement. i was surprised to see that ebay is offering a special 5cent listing fee on books until the end of the year.  got a shelf full of books (or a box in the basement)?  go grab a few popular titles and turn them into cash today (or at least in 5 days…)

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  1. says

    Just a suggestion from my experience with small business and time management… you might be already doing these but just a thought:

    1. Batch similar and related tasks (ie: take photos of items all at once, list all items at once, etc.).

    2. Allocate a set time or day to do these tasks.

    3. Delegate where appropriate; have someone else take the photos while you list, etc.

    Like I said, you probably already know these, but just a possible suggestion :)

    Best of success.

  2. says

    I sell my books and CDs on, which is an eBay subsidiary. No fees whatever to list, and a small % taken when one sells. Especially easy to list a bunch of books at a time.

    The benefit of selling books and CDs on either site is that you quickly build up your mojo, so that when you want to sell something BIG on eBay you’ve already built a good reputation and look more trustworthy to potential buyers.

    PS Great site!

  3. Dante Iscariot says

    I find the postage negates a lot of the benefits of selling books on ebay. My brother sold a Stephen King book for about £2, and we had to pay £4.50 postage or something. We walked away from that sale with about 20p :/

  4. says

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