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yesterday was our garage sale.  to increase traffic, our entire neighborhood chooses a saturday in june for the “pinewood manor garage sales.”  this was the first year that we participated.  and our first since determining to become minimalist.  garage sales can be a lot of work.  it’s not so much the putting things on tables or marking with prices, it’s going through every room in your house and collecting things that you no longer use.  but the good thing is regardless of how the garage sale goes, you have gone through every room in your house removing things that you no longer use.

we sold nearly 100 items and made $100+.  we would have been disappointed about the income if we weren’t so excited to just get rid of some of the stuff in our home.  we were able to sell several pieces of furniture, numerous decorative odds and ends, and countless toys and baby items.  the biggest non-seller was clothes – not sure what that says about our style.  everything else we are dontaing to charity, including:

  • 22 sweaters/sweatshirts
  • 55 shirts
  • 18 pairs of pants
  • 7 ties
  • 6 coats
  • 21 pieces of maternity clothing
  • 12 hats
  • 17 pairs of shoes
  • 20 stuffed animals
  • 8 blankets
  • 3 decorative pillows
  • 33 household items

it looks like we’ll need to make the mini-van to the local goodwill to donate this many boxes…

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  1. says

    Great job! Clothes are one of the hardest items to sell, even on sites like eBay and Craigslist, so don’t beat yourself up too bad. :)

  2. Helen says

    The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity and Domestic Violence thrift stores are great charities that help others….especially the Salvation army is alway there during diasters, house fires, etc. They will come an pick up furniture and other items saving you a trip. Just wanted to say that because the Goodwill is okay but these other charities do so much more for the community.

  3. Michelle says

    Our neighborhood always schedules a pick up run from the Salvation Army for the week after our garage sale. Every one can just put everything they don’t sell out and it gets taken away. We usually have more participants for the pick up than for the garage sales.

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