help #1 – photos of relatives

my wife and i ran into our first question/problem as we were minimalizing the magnets on our fridge.  what do we do with pictures of relatives?

on one hand, we love the idea of our kids seeing their family and learning their names.  and we love our families.  on the other hand, there are so many relatives and their pictures are in so many different rooms – trying to design minimalist will be difficult with unmatching frames and backgrounds of dozens of relatives.

our first help – what to do with photos of relatives?  any advice/ideas of how to display them in a minimalist home?

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  1. K. says

    French memo boards! They are available at art stores (like Michaels): fabric covered boards with ribbon criss-crossing the surface. You can slip corners of photos under the ribbon, making it easy to swap out picture periodically so you can enjoy more of your pictures instead of letting them sit in a box somewhere. You can eliminate frames, and if they are on a flat surface, clear that surface. I have a memo boards in my bedroom and dining/living room. I can mix and match photos, create themes (like pics from a particular vacation or event).

    Great blog! I really enjoy your entries and ideas. I have been on the minimalist path for a couple of years now, and I love it. The hardest decisions are on items that were given out of love, but do not fit my life. I do struggle with that.

    Best of luck in your endeavor! I’ll keep reading for on-going inspiration for my own.

  2. says

    What about a plain photo album – the kind with the sticky pages and the plastic covering? That’s what I’ve used. It’s a little bit out of date, but it gets the job done with no fuss.

  3. Mama2one says

    With my old photos, I scanned them all and then had a photobook custom designed for me and printed into a slick photobook that is very streamlined and looks awesome!! I strong recommend using Very professional and the outcome is awesome and takes up very little space. I got the 8×8 size book. Please don’t use the sticky pages with plastic covering… most aren’t acid free and it will destroy your photos in time… thanks!

  4. Maria says

    How about scanning the documents in and purchasing a digital frame. This way you can display numerous pictures in one picture frame. It’s a great invention and takes up no room at all, except for the frame itself. just get a simple frame and voila, minimalism with still having pictures of family displayed. it’s a win win.

  5. di says

    Just scan them and send them to anyone that likes to look at them. Distant relatives and friends may enjoy them as well.

    • di says

      I meant to say to store them in the cloud and send them via email. CDs and extra hard drives just take up more space.

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