new ebook: the simple guide to a minimalist life


just this week, leo babauta released a new e-book: The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life. the price is only $9.95 (a very minimalist price).  i have included the link above to purchase and download the e-book.

some of the chapters in this book include:

  • a small irony
  • notes on using this book
  • what is a minimalist life?
  • overall minimalist principles
  • how to become a minimalist
  • contentedness
  • rethinking necessities
  • simplify what you do
  • clearing clutter
  • minimalist home
  • minimalist workspace
  • wardrobe and grooming
  • finding simplicity with kids
  • minimalism is the end of organizing

i have recommended the e-books of leo babauta before.  he is an on-line author who continues to offer some of the newest and freshest ideas on living a simple life.  and until i complete my own e-book on becoming minimalist (hint, hint), i will continue to recommend his to anyone seeking a more minimalist life.

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  1. Jason says

    Why would you spend 10 dollars when his website (with all the same articles and more) is free? Unless of course you wanted to minimize your wealth.

  2. Amy says

    I have read some of his stuff….and then stopped because it was annoying me.

    I don’t see his writing as fresh – I’ve read that “inspirational” stuff in all sorts of other venues.

    If you want to give $10.00 to a good cause, then do it. However, downloading an ebook on minimalism from a guy who has a large family, Tweets as his main form of e-communication and seems to have 3000 projects going on seems like taking dieting advice from the obese. How is his lifestyle minimal?

    If he were a minimalist, he would simply ask for donations on Zen Habitats instead of feeling the need to produce an ebook on a subject that’s been covered in depth since Budda. (There are many correct paths to minimalism, but I’m pretty sure starting a new blog and ebook in addition to many other writing projects is not one of them.)

    This blog I like because there are real stories and real struggles here. The author appears to actually be balancing work, home, and family and this blog actually demonstrates that by it’s lack of daily posts. It’s a treat when they do come and I hope you never feel the need to add more.

    • di says

      I like this website, because the posts are short and to the point. They provide wisdom, inspiration and direction in a simple way.

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