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Joshua Becker’s message has been a powerful influence in my life. I was inspired and engaged at his presentation. He spoke directly to my heart. —Courtney Carver, Salt Lake City, UT


My name is Joshua Becker. I’m a writer, blogger, speaker, pastor, husband, father… And I live my life inspiring and encouraging others to find more life by owning fewer possessions.

Funny thing is, I didn’t start out this way. I spent most of my life living a typical life being caught up in the endless pursuit of material possessions. I didn’t really believe possessions were the key to happiness, but you wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at my checkbook. Fortunately, I had a conversation with my neighbor that changed my life forever. She introduced me to intentionally living with less.

We immediately cleared the clutter from our home and life. As a result, we found a valuable new way to live life centered on our most important values. It has been a journey of discovering the abundant life is actually found in owning less.

Following that decision, we began encouraging others to do the same through our writing and speaking. We began noticing an entire society around us wasting their finite time, energy, and dollars chasing temporal possessions… possessions that never brought the full joy they promised.

Our blog, Becoming Minimalist, soon became a source of inspiration to millions around the world. Our story has been seen on the CBS Evening News, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Guardian and countless media interviews around the world. Our books have sold in the tens of thousands. Our website is read by over 1 million+ visitors each month. And we have had opportunity to share this message publicly with thousands at various venues all across the country.

Joshua Becker speaks from the heart sharing his experience with honesty and passion. If you ever wanted to know how minimalism can bring more value into your life, Joshua is the person to learn from as his message is not just inspiring but applicable. I could have listened to his story for hours.” —Nina Grenningloh Reyes, Los Angeles, CA

Joshua’s stories are entertaining, his speaking style is unique, and his approach is simple yet engaging. —Joshua Millburn, OH


I have spoken to groups of various ages, various sizes, and in various venues for the last 13 years. I have spoken to audiences of 50, 500, and 1,500. I have spoken at churches, public schools, training events, industry-specific functions, and conferences all across the country. I work hard to ensure a proper understanding of the organizer’s goals and the demographics of the audience. Some of the venues I have spoken at recently include:

  • The World Domination Summit, Portland, OR.
  • SXSW 2013, Austin, TX.
  • Ignite Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Storyline Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • MOPS National Conference, Indianapolis, IN
  • LIFE Student Conference, Louisville, KY.

I am experienced and available to speak on the following topics:

  • Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness.
  • Finding Simplicity In A Culture of Consumption.
  • The Hidden Lies that Keep Our Schedules Busy.
  • A Bold, Fresh Look at Jesus’ Teachings on Money and Possessions.
  • How Minimalism is Changing the Landscape of Entrepreneurship.
  • Building an Audience Through Writing and Social Media.

Each topic is presented in a highly relevant, immediately practical way that seeks to connect with the listeners’ heart through humor, personal stories, sound reasoning, and practical steps of application. Excellence is among my top priorities for you, your event, and my own reputation. References are available upon request.

Booking Joshua as a speaker was totally smooth; he was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was highly organized and willing to tailor his talk to our particular audience of 250 women. He exceeded all of our expectations! —Lyn Nash, Every Woman’s Cafe Conference Organizer, Essex, VT


I have made an intentional decision to not charge a fee for my public speaking other than basic travel and lodging expenses.

My heart is for the message of living with less. My desire is to intentionally remind others there is more joy in pursuing less than can be found in pursuing more. My truest passion is to extend this life-giving invitation to as many people as possible. And to that end, I currently offer my public speaking bookings free of charge.

Again, my heart is for the life-giving message of owning less. And I work hard to accept as many reasonable speaking opportunities as possible. Unfortunately, not all requests can be accepted. But it can never hurt to ask… regardless of your group’s size. To request my availability or references, please e-mail me directly or complete the form below.


  • August 21.           The Bassett Firm. Dallas, TX.*
  • August 29-30.     Tribe Conference, Franklin, TN.
  • September 09.    Ashton Tiffany, Phoenix, AZ.*
  • September 18.     MOPS Leadership Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
  • September 29.    SCIF. Sacramento, CA.*
  • September 30.    Salt River Project. Phoenix, AZ.*
  • October 02-03.   SimpleREV Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • October 07.         Me, My Stuff, and God Webcast, Regent College.
  • October 21.          MOPS, Trinity Lutheran Church, Litchfield Park, AZ.*
  • Nov. 05-07.          Storyline Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Nov. 12                 Kate’s Cup, Cave Creek, AZ.*
  • Nov 19-20.           Grace College, Winona Lake, IN.

* Private Event


  • January 06.          MOPS, Desert Streams Lutheran, Surprise, AZ.*
  • June.                     Change Youth Conference, Glendale, AZ.



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Joshua was a riveting speaker with genuine presence. He told stories about his family, spoke clearly, and answered questions from the audience, all with a great deal of good humor, but also with grace and humility. —Jackie Shelley, Morgan Hill, CA

When I first saw Joshua Becker speak publicly, the first thing I noticed was his ability to engage the audience. Joshua’s message encourages others to look inward and apply it to their own lives. —Ryan Nicodemus, Dayton, OH

Joshua’s presentation became the culmination of a journey I had been on in my life. —Robert Murphy, Omaha, NE