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steph shared her story of becoming minimalist through our share your story page.  this is her story:

“I was devastated the day my boss told me the junk that I’d collected was ‘unprofessional’ for a 19 year old girl to display at the office. Out of embarrassment and a little angst, I found myself ridding my desk of any personal items I’d owned. The next day all that sat on my desk was a computer, some work related papers, and a telephone. I’d made a place somewhere inside my desk for all my necessary work related goodness. My strange journey to minimalism had begun.

I admit that at the time, I was being dramatic… but it didn’t take me long to realize how much more I could stay focused at work when I didn’t have a Superman figurine or 8-bit video game paraphernalia to distract me! Minimalism began to creep into other areas soon. While trying to write college papers I would now rid the area of ‘stuff’ so that I could get in the zone and really work! Eventually I began to minimalize in each room of my apartment.

Becoming minimalist at an early age has both its benefits and challenges. Benefit: I didn’t have forty years of memories and habits to break myself free. Challenge: sending someone off to college is an excuse to get rid of the old furniture (thank you, Nana) and buy something new. People were constantly flooding me with old household items that they ‘thought I would need’. When I would decline, and explain becoming a minimalist, I was often met with an attitude of ‘that’s what you say now in your youth’. This was a bit devastating.

Now years later, I can honestly say denying myself the instant gratification of ‘stuff’ has really made me very happy. I can come home from a long day at that same office and immediately feel at ease in a home that is easily maintained. I’m always ready for surprise guests (my favorite!!) and can leave a store empty-handed and not feel sad one bit!”

we believe that if steph can become minimalist and we can become minimalist, so can you!

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    Steph, at age 19 you were wise beyond your years! I wish I had “found” minimalism 20 years ago. But never too late to start, right? Just cleaned out my office at work yesterday. Now hoping the minimalism attitude will creep into all areas at home (garage!). Thanks for sharing.

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    Strange how what starts off as a boss probably overreacting, ends up with a young woman journeying into the wonderful world of minimalism. Everything happens for a reason, right? I can’t even imagine how much different things would be today if minimalism held any interest at all for me at the young age of 19 :) Less than a decade later, and it’s incredible how much crap I’ve collected.

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