the art of being minimalist by everett bogue

ex-dance student/current yoga enthusiast, everett bogue at far beyond the stars has just released a brand new e-book dedicated to the minimalist lifestyle.  it is titled, “the art of being minimalist” and is receiving great reviews around the blogosphere.  in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, i have not read the book yet.  but here are some of the accolades that it is receiving:

  • “a simple and beautiful introduction to crafting a simple and beautiful life.” – chris baskind of the minimalist century.
  • “…this ebook will help you rethink your life choices, your consumption patterns and how you see the world.” – tammy strobel of rowdy kittens

everett lives the 100 item challenge.  he blogs on the benefits of minimalist living as a tool to craft the life that you want to live.  he made the leap out of the work-a-day world and is working on using his blog as his primary source of income.

the art of being minimalist: how to stop consuming and start living” is currently being offered at $9.95 for a limited time.

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