the flatback artificial christmas tree

christy made me aware of this space-saving holiday idea.  but i wonder does it mean that i give half as many gifts or does it mean that i receive half as many gifts?

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    Yikes. A partly plastic thing that you have to store all year? No thanks. I’d much rather bring in a real, biodegradable tree every year and throw it out.

    Maybe the way to think about things is in units of volume * time. I may have a tree that’s twice as large, but I only have it for about 1/24 of the year.

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    This is just lovely, Carolyn! I just spent some of the days of my Christmas break with worikng through Christy’s She Art online class and really enjoyed it. The techniques are such fun, arent’y they, and the results always look so happy.

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    For many years, we always went and cut down a real tree for Christmas. I loved the smell but it made such a mess and for me, plastic doesn’t do it. Then one year, we didn’t get a tree and that just seemed to happen for the next few years…and now, we don’t even think about getting one. What’s the point? What’s the meaning? Instead, for my kids, we have a Christmas present hunt. It’s super fun and we make the clues so that they have to work together to find everything.
    As for decorating for Christmas, we just put up a few things and make lots of cookies together.

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