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There are many wonderful people online pursuing and promoting simplicity. When you find some time this weekend with a nice cup of coffee or tea, may you find inspiration in these words as they encourage others to find more life by owning fewer possessions:

Movie Mogul Doesn’t Want to Be Paid Millions | Mail Online by Rachel Quigley. “The more I give away the wealthier I feel,” Tom Shadyac said. “For everything I ‘gave up’, so much more was returned. The trappings of fame and fortune are exactly that – a trapping. It’s called the spoils of success for a reason.”

Minimal Is Not (Necessarily) Frugal | First Today, Then Tomorrow by Randy Murray. A minimal life is not necessarily one of deprivation. On the other hand, abundance, having everything, isn’t necessarily a life of luxury.

Lessons Learned From 11 Years of Travel | Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau, who recently completed his goal to visit every country on the planet. Some valuable life lessons contained here that apply to far more than travel.

I’m Still Here: Back Online After a Year Without the Internet | The Verge by Paul Miller. A fascinating article on the positives and negatives of Internet-use, written by a man who gave it up for an entire year.

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this list with us! Chris’ “$10 Rule” really made me nod my head and I didn’t realize I was doing this until later. Frugality has to be smart. You cannot just spent X amount of hours to save a few dollars because then you’re working LESS than minimum wage at that rate. Once you look at it that way, you’ll begin to value your time more.

    Also, I like the way he says it. If it is “improving your life.” That’s a huge difference in thinking.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh I just loved the article on Tom Shadyac. Thank you for sharing that! Off to read the rest of your weekend reads. Cheers to a simply lovely weekend.

  3. says

    Speaking of books and minimalism, I was always a book collector until recently. I decided to only keep the books I think I might possibly re-read or reference in the future and sold or donated all the rest. My bookshelves actually have space to breathe now. (And hold more “stuff!”) Oh-oh!

  4. Serena says

    I just heard about Tom Shadyac from another Hollywood source and then “lo and behold” his article is featured here. Divine minimalist moments!

  5. says

    Shadyac’s story is inspiring. For those who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend “I Am”, the documentary he made telling the story of his journey.

    • says

      I can recommend “I Am” as well, but we’re also the targeted viewers of Shadyac’s film. While his quest is admirable (and moving from a mansion to mobile home is too) I thought the film was a bit scattered and he could of asked deeper and tougher questions of the people he interviewed. Cheers!

  6. says

    Wow! What would the world look like if everyone had the heart of Tom Shadyac?! This is why I want to be debt free including my mortgage so I can give the rest of my money away!

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