Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.


Fill your life with stories to tell, not stuff to show.

The simplicity/minimalism movement is a beautiful community. It is friendly, encouraging, and helpful. There is a genuine understanding that any promotion of simplicity is good for society—and there is little concern over who gets the credit for it.

It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful group of people. And I enjoy every opportunity to promote writing that encourages people to live more by owning less.

So fix yourself a nice warm cup of coffee or tea. Find a quiet moment this weekend. And enjoy some encouraging words to inspire more simplicity in your life today.

Great! Another Thing to Hate About Ourselves | The New York Times by Jennifer Weiner. Show me a body part, I’ll show you someone who’s making money by telling women that theirs looks wrong.

Do You Care What I Wear? | Frugaling by Sam Lustgarten. My high school and college days were fraught with an insecurity that prompted me to spend. Now, as I’ve slowed my purchases and become more minimalist, I’ve learned some important takeaways.

Can You Quit Your Job as Stuff Manager? | BlogHer by Jess Townes. I hope you find that forty days is ample notice to find a replacement for the position or to restructure as necessary.

Becoming a Soul Minimalist | Chatting at the Sky by Emily Freeman. Stillness is to the soul as de-cluttering is to the home.

I spent this past weekend in Orlando, FL addressing the National Association of Senior Move Managers. I was so wonderfully impressed. If there is a senior in your life going the process of downsizing and moving to a new residence, I highly recommend the work they do. They are good people with big hearts. And I just wanted you to know the resource is out there.

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Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.


There’s more to life than buying stuff. There are many wonderful people pursuing and promoting simplicity. Fortunately, some of them are gifted in communication and choose to encourage and inspire us with their words. I enjoy reading their unique … Read More