2015: A Simple Year


The course has been life changing.” —Carole, Simple Year 2014 Member

Throughout the 12 months of 2015, I will be teaming up with 7 of my favorite writers and simple-living advocates to offer A Simple Year: 12 Months of Guided Simplicity. I hope you will join us.

Whether you are just beginning your journey to simplicity or looking for extra inspiration and encouragement, A Simple Year is built to provide you with inspiration, accountability, and practical application steps to make 2015 your simplest year ever. You can register today for $149.

The Course

Simple Year members will receive a variety of resources specifically designed for the year-long course. Each month, participants will receive articles and information centered on one specific topic—complete with homework assignments and practical challenges. This allows focus, intentionally, and new habits to be established.

Along with the written content, each member receives accountability and direct access through a live component where each member can personally connect with the author, ask questions, and meet other people simplifying their lives.

Plus, we’ve got a whole bunch of surprises planned throughout the year such as free ebooks, audio recordings, and video messages from the authors.

The Topics

Here is a list of the topics being covered:

January: Clutter with Joshua Becker (Becoming Minimalist). Motivation and steps to get started removing the clutter from your own home and life.

February: Busyness with Courtney Carver (Be More with Less). A slow down guide for the chronically busy.

March: Travel with Colin Wright (Exile Lifestyle). Recalibrating your life to focus on passions. Packing (for travel or for life).

April: Kitchen with Jules Clancy (Stone Soup). The secret to a clutter-free kitchen.

May: Digital with Tammy Strobel (Rowdy Kittens). How to develop a healthy relationship with technology.

June: Work with Courtney Carver (Be More with Less). Simple ways to enjoy your work and develop a micro-business (even with a full-time job).

July: Money with Joshua Becker (Becoming Minimalist). Rethinking the purpose (and desire) for money.

August: Stay Simple with Brooke McAlary (Slow Your Home). Never-fail techniques to create a simpler home that works for you.

September: Fitness with Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete). Keys to enjoying exercise and getting the most from your effort.

October: Food with Jules Clancy (Stone Soup). How to empower yourself to make the best food choices for your body.

November: Relationships with Tammy Strobel (Rowdy Kittens). Self-care and simplicity.

December: Gratitude with Rachel Macy Stafford (Hands Free Mama). Techniques for cultivating gratitude and changing your life’s perspective.

The Opportunity

The cost of A Simple Year: 12 Months of Guided Simplicity is $149 (less than $13/month). The helpful inspiration and interactive nature of the course make it well worth the cost.

Over 400 people participated in the program during 2014 and we received encouraging feedback:

  • “Signing up for and participating in “A Simple Year” has been one of the best things I did in 2014.” —Kathy
  • The course has been life changing.” —Carole
  • “Simple Year has made an amazing difference in my life.” —Lynne
  • “A Simple Year should come with a warning: this course will change your life.”

Our goal is to help those who desire to make 2015 their simplest year ever. Each of us involved in the course have found great benefit in simplifying our lives and we believe you will too.

The course would make a great holiday gift for yourself or someone you love. Some have signed up for the course to fulfill continuing education requirements. And I believe the course would be helpful and productive for a variety of organizations and/or groups (if you are interested in group rates, please contact asimpleyear@gmail.com).


Early registration is available today until Friday, November 14th. In January, the registration will re-open at $199.

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