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When we first began to declutter our home, we started easy.

The decorations in our living room was one of the first projects. Immediately after removing them, I was surprised at the amount of dust found on the shelves (particularly the top shelves). Clearly, the vast number of knick-knacks on the shelving made the proposition of dusting a daunting task. Additionally, when we finished decluttering our kids’ toy room, we noticed it took much less time to put their toys away in the evening. And when we began decluttering our wardrobe, we found it easier to keep our closets tidy.

This benefit became very clear. The fewer things in our home, the easier it is to clean.

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  1. ellen says

    One of my favorite parts of moving toward minimalist- less cleaning. Biggest challenge was heirloom guilt. My mother was quite upset when I gave her back things that were her great grandmothers. She couldn’t understand why I didn’t value them the way she does. I’m not going to do that to my kids.

    • Dee Dee says

      Ellen. Thank you for your post. Now I understand better why my daughter gave back ome of the things I passed on to her. Thanks to your post I no longer feel offended when that happened. I respect the fact that what I value may not be what works for them in their lives and for that again I thank you.

  2. says

    My wife says it all the time: ‘it’s not the cleaning that takes so much time, it’s the putting things away (a/k/a de-cluttering) that takes so much time (and energy). And creates a ton of stress.

    Who needs that? No one.

    I have work to do. : – )

    • di says

      I use baskets to store toys, clothes, utensils, etc. I just carry them around the house to quickly pick up and put away. I store the baskets under beds, couches, chairs, on closet shelves or window sills. There are many decorative styles and sizes. They hide the clutter – even if it’s minimal.

  3. laura m. says

    I know decluttering and purging unwanted/unused items is ongoing. It should be done at least at end of summer and winter, more so if desired. I encourage retirees to downsize, pass on items to relatives, the rest sell or donate to simplify daily cleaning which gives more time to do other things. The one item on a surface rule probably wouldn’t apply to a mantel with its long shelf, which contains a clock and two metal art sculptures and a small vase. Both bedrooms are minimal, radio and lamp with two metal art pcs on the wall. Living room is minimal, nothing on the wall. I will get mantel “zen” ideas (3 items) online…

  4. roxanne says

    How true. Just downsized to a 1 bedroom ,1 bath cabin until ground thaws in minnesota so we can build our retirement home. First week thought I would go insane. Now I am done with housework under an hour most days and have more time to spend with hubby, friends and family. Amazing how much we can do without.will be getting rid of more come spring a nd are redesigning our plans for a smaller home. Loving this simple life more everyday!!!!

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