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Living a simple life provides the opportunity to financially support other causes. Minimalism provides an opportunity to not just save money for the sake of keeping it for myself, but to use it to further causes that I believe in.

I met a man recently who has just put his house on the market to sell so that he can donate some money to a charity that he believes in strongly. Let me adjust that… he has put one of his homes on the market. He has recently decided that there are more important things in life than owning houses in every imaginable climate. Now, I may not be tempted to sell my house (I only have one), but I am seeing the value of not purchasing another coat this winter, another piece of art for my wall, or another “new and improved” cleaning solution so that my finances can be given to bigger causes.

I am learning that our money is only as valuable as what we choose to spend it on.

Joshua Becker

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  1. Christy says

    Paring down does seem to bring with it intense freedom, including financial. Freedom to decide what’s meaningful and what isn’t.

    On an unrelated note, Joshua, have you guys the bravery to share the before/after pictures of your ongoingly (Don’t think that it a word, but I digress) minimalist process? I’d love to see the visual of the progress you’re making. And I regret that I didn’t have the courage to take a photo when i started.

    • di says

      I use the spare time to take better care of the things I have, spend time with my kids and take good care of my parents.

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