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A minimalist home is less stressful. Clutter is a form of visual distraction as everything in our vision subtly pulls at our attention. The less clutter, the less visual stress we experience. A minimalist home has a calming feel.

I have found this to be true and you will too with a simple experiment. Compare two counter tops: one that is clear (minimal) and one that is cluttered.  Look at each of them separately and gauge your internal response. What exactly is your emotional and mental response? Notice how the clear countertop brings about a calming effect and the cluttered one bring emotions of distraction or anxiety. Now, magnify this emotional response throughout your entire home.

A minimalist home is significantly less stressful. I have found this to be entirely true. And so will you.

Joshua Becker

About Joshua Becker

Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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  1. daisy says

    Thank you for creating such a positive website. I am a dedicated mom, a passionate wife, and an enthusiastic full time student. This website is exactly the support I needed because I want to change our budgeting (since only one of us is working).

  2. Jocelyn says

    I’m on my own journey toward a minimalist lifestyle…trying to get my family more into it as well. May I just say, that I have found your blog by way of google and I can’t stop reading your posts. Very inspiring! It’ll take me a while to catch up to current date, but I’m enjoying reading about your family’s journey!

    • Jo says

      That’s why hotels/motels feel so free on vacation. Many really are not nicer than our home, but they feel weightless…no clutter!

  3. joey correia says

    I became a minimalist when someone told me this riddle (Q1) the poor have it the rich want it? (Q2)if you drink this you will die?.(Q3)whats greater than god?

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  6. tina says

    I love reading all your tips. It’s a daily ritual now, coffee and minimalism tips. Only thing is, I love reading them so much that I haven’t decluttered that much of late. I have, however, become accutely aware of my spending habits. I had always said I hated shopping and yet, somehow, stuff keeps being
    acquired and finding its way into my home, faster than I can purge stuff. I have so many things now,
    which I am not in love with, but the
    process of parting with items I have spent so much money on is heart
    breaking. I know it all has to go, I
    have done it before, yet it feels
    such a strain to even start. Plus,
    there is so much , in every room,
    that I barely know where to begin.
    One good thing is, I only by essentials now. I don’t shop at sales as I know those are traps for ‘good deals’ that I wasn’t even in the market for! I have already begun to save money! This will go towards paying off credit cards but some savings at the same time, just to feel positive.
    Your tips have so inspired me. At least no more new stuff will come in and I no lonher waste money. Please keep giving us your tips and insights. Eventually I will get through my decluttering but your inspirations are always welcome. Thanks for your good work. Am sure that soon, the planet will also thank you.

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