The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” —Thomas Kempis

Simplicity brings balance, freedom, and joy. When we begin to live simply and experience these benefits, we begin to ask the next question, “Where else in my life can i remove distraction and simply focus on the essential?”

Based on our personal journey, our conversations, and our observations, here is a list of the 10 most important things to simplify in your life today to begin living a more balanced, joyful lifestyle:

1. Your Possessions - Too many material possessions complicate our lives to a greater degree than we ever give them credit. They drain our bank account, our energy, and our attention. They keep us from the ones we love and from living a life based on our values. If you will invest the time to remove nonessential possessions from your life, you will never regret it. For further reading on this, consider Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life.

2. Your Time Commitments – Most of us have filled our days full from beginning to end with time commitments: work, home, kid’s activities, community events, religious endeavors, hobbies… the list goes on. When possible, release yourself from the time commitments that are not in line with your greatest values.

3. Your Goals – Reduce the number of goals you are intentionally striving for in your life to one or two. By reducing the number of goals that you are striving to accomplish, you will improve your focus and your success rate. Make a list of the things that you want to accomplish in your life and choose the two most important. When you finish one, add another from your list.

4. Your Negative Thoughts – Most negative emotions are completely useless. Resentment, bitterness, hate, and jealousy have never improved the quality of life for a single human being. Take responsibility for your mind. Forgive past hurts and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

5. Your Debt – If debt is holding you captive, reduce it. Start today. Do what you’ve got to do to get out from under its weight. Find the help that you need. Sacrifice luxury today to enjoy freedom tomorrow.

6. Your Words – Use fewer words. Keep your speech plain and honest. Mean what you say. Avoid gossip.

7. Your Artificial Ingredients – Avoid trans fats, refined grain (white bread), high-fructose corn syrup, and too much sodium. Minimizing these ingredients will improve your energy level in the short-term and your health in the long-term. Also, as much as possible, reduce your consumption of over-the-counter medicine – allow your body to heal itself naturally as opposed to building a dependency on substances.

8. Your Screen Time – Focusing your attention on television, movies, video games, and technology affects your life more than you think. Media rearranges your values. It begins to dominate your life. And it has a profound impact on your attitude and outlook. Unfortunately, when you live in that world on a consistent basis, you don’t even notice how it is impacting you. The only way to fully appreciate its influence in your life is to turn them off.

9. Your Connections to the World - Relationships with others are good, but constant streams of distraction are bad. Learn when to power off the blackberry, log off Facebook, or not read a text. Focus on the important, not the urgent. A steady flow of distractions from other people may make us feel important, needed, or wanted, but feeling important and accomplishing importance are completely different things.

10. Your Multi-Tasking - Research indicates that multi-tasking increases stress and lowers productivity. while single-tasking is becoming a lost art, learn it. Handle one task at a time. Do it well. And when it is complete, move to the next.

Joshua Becker

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  1. Stanley K says

    Sometimes, people get confused and intimidated when reading a list such as this one. They can read it, and honestly appreciate all that it has to say, but when it comes to implementing it into their lives, it can seem overwhelming. Often doing one thing at a time can confuse the minds of our modern ‘multi-taskers’. So, here I will offer my opinion on a shortcut, something that might automatically help one reach inner peace and wellness. Try to find love in the world in places that exist outside of your friends and family. Acquire a pet for example. If you truly love your pet, the responsibility of properly caring for the pet will automatically translate into the responsibility you take for yourself. For example diet. If you love your pet, you will feed them the most perfect diet, regardless of what they might ‘want’, you provide what is best. This is something that you might just start doing for yourself as a result. The same goes for exercise, and discipline. Sometimes it takes something like ‘a pet’, to show us that we still are capable of this all-encompassing feeling of LOVE. I’m sure there are many more ways to find love, but this example came to my mind first. Every human, and every animal, require proper love and care. It is my opinion that if you take responsibility for the world around you, mother nature, your family, your food, your occupation, your hobbies, your children, your pets, then simply loving these things will provide the foundation for a unique balance, one where every event that happens in your day, seems to have an obvious purpose, and you start to see why loving the universe, and all that comes with it, is the most important thing in life. We are the ones who must love and care for ourselves, and if you love yourself, then this list of ten, seems more like an obvious afterthought.

    • says

      I really love the comment that you left here. It is just so true, that our first response when reading a long list like this is, ‘I don’t have time’. Life is so busy and filled with so many wonderful things that adding one more item to it seems overwhelming. But taking it one at a time, and being grateful for every little thing you can do is the key. Thank you for such an insightful comment.

    • says

      I agree with your comment Stanley K.

      In the past my husband and I have committed to have a lifestyle which allows us to be without debt. Periodically over the last few years we’ve re-evaluated our needs and given away some of our possessions.

      But as I read this today it hit me that I need to focus on #8 above and start some lifestyle changes in this area.

      • shauna says

        I agree, and many years ago my hubby and I sank every dollar we had into becoming mortgage free. We had plenty of food, medical needs, and outings when we wanted them, but did not spend any money on “Things” unless essential like replacing an electrical appliance if it wore out. Life was fairly simple then. However as time went by, and finances were more available, over the last 15 years I have shopped at garage sales, markets & op shops and have filled our current home with so much “stuff” it is unbelievable… don’t get me wrong …everything is good quality, nice to look at, well organised and beautifully displayed, but I just could never resist a bargain. Now I look around me and think .. Why??… I am a slave to the dusting, my linen cupboard overflows with things I may not live long enough to use… I will never live long enough to read the 400 odd books I have collected, nor will I probably ever get to watch the huge number of DVDs I have.Dont even start me on clothes & shoes!.. My craft & sewing room are full to the point we had to add another room on the house… For me it feels like an illness… I sell a few things off occasionally… then go to garage sales and come home with another car load… I am so glad I found this website… Hope some people reply to my post with some tips for me.

        • wyldaeval says

          Sadly, I’ve fallen into the same trap and now I’m trying to dig my way out.

          Seven years ago, I relocated to Mississippi with a pick-up truck, my dog, and only the clothing/belongings that would fit in the truck. It gave me a sense of freedom and a feeling of joy, not to be encumbered with “stuff”. I have since remarried and acquired an entire house full of “stuff”. The feeling I get when I look about me can only be described as a sense of suffocating. I actually feel a panic when I see all the clutter in this house and become distracted beyond reason. My husband comes from a long line of hoarders and it’s like pulling teeth to get him to part with anything. Now, I’ve resorted to bagging up excess clothing that’s never worn and items never used or broken, and removing them from our dwelling in large trash bags while he’s at work. Most of it goes to the Salvation Army down the road. I also utilize one or two online sites to sell or trade some items for cash, credits, or a necessary item such as a replacement toaster so I can throw our toaster that the hubby is “going to fix one day” into the trash where it belongs. Getting rid of the excess calms my mind. Seeing clutter causes me distress. I grew up in a minimalist home. All of this clutter is very difficult to live with, and so I slowly sift through it and redistribute it. One day I’ll be able to look around our home and breathe a sigh of relief. The weight of having too much “stuff” will be lifted. I can’t wait for that day to come!

          This may not be the help you’re seeking, but maybe it will instill hope and motivation, a sense that it is possible to see the light at the end of the cluttered tunnel.
          Best wishes to you. :)

        • Erin S says

          It sounds like you have an empty space you are trying to fill with stuff! You can never get enough of what you don’t really need! Do some self evaluation to discover what your need REALLY is: God, closer relationships, forgiveness? Once you start building on your real need, you will be able to let go of your STUFF.

      • Viraj Santapaz says

        Love cannot come from outside suggestion; love could only be developed through constant awareness of it; and the best way is to meditate on such love; then only true unconditional love must arise without any outer-suggestion. Unconditional love is naturally genuine and not imposed.

    • Viraj Santapaz says

      Love cannot come from outside suggestion; love could only be developed through constant awareness of it; and the best way is to meditate on such love; then only true unconditional love must arise without any outer-suggestion. Unconditional love is naturally genuine and not imposed.

    • Roberta says

      What a wise and beautiful commentary this is. Thank you for showing us how to see a larger picture than just dealing with our stuff.

  2. Art Scott says

    Among those 10 rules he mentions jealousy as a negative emotion, and says nothing positive comes out of it. I would argue, as a Dr. of Applied Human Behavior, jealousy is an instinct we have to which people should listen. If one finds themselves in a relationship with someone who consistently makes them jealous to an unhealthy level, one should end that relationship, immediately! This actually turns jealousy into something which, in the end, turns out positive. If you care about the person you’re dating, or is your S.O., there are situations which SHOULD make you jealous, and if you’re not getting jealous, then it’s time to move on from that relationship. Jealousy is nature’s way of telling you to leave a relationship. If the person who makes you jealous doesn’t care about your jealousy, or calls you “too jealous,” then listen to your body, and leave that relationship. It’s hard to see that as a positive while you’re involved in it, but I guarantee LOTS AND LOTS of good things come as a result of jealousy–the main one being you’ll find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved, and not someone who emotionally abuses you. Bottom line, jealousy is far from some useless emotion which leads only to bad things. A healthy level of jealousy is a good sign–it means your partner views you as something valuable. The two negative forms of jealousy are 1) a complete absence of it–which means you’re either in a relationship where you don’t care if the person stays or leaves, or you think SOOO much of yourself, you don’t think anyone could want anything but you, or IOW, delusional levels of arrogance. If you spot this in a partner, leave immediately. 2) Someone who is OVERLY jealous–they feel the need to possess you and can’t handle it if someone else shows them you ARE desired by others. The correct response if either of the the two forms of unhealthy jealousy are felt (or not felt) by your partner would be to leave that relationship immediately. Jealousy is NOT a negative emotion. Jealousy is nature’s warning shot across your bow. The right way to respond to a healthy level of jealousy is to reassure your partner. The right way to respond to any other level of jealousy is to leave IMMEDIATELY!

    • Korey V says

      I don’t think there is any real level of jealousy that is productive, jealousy shows a lack of confidence to a point, it is one thing if your partner is spending time with other people inappropriately, but outside of that it has no use. I had an ex that was jealous if I spent time with anyone else but her. She got mad if I spent time with my family though she was always invited (and yes I made it abundantly clear she was wanted and invited), or with friends (even though she was invited), or if I needed time to myself. Sorry but that is not healthy in any sort of way. Though I do think he was talking more of a jealousy of other people’s possessions or their lifestyle or wealth.

      • Shaun Reddy says

        rock on, Korey V.

        Art – you contradict yourself, dude. In one line, you say jealousy is nature’s way of telling you to leave a relationship, but in the preceding line you say that if you’re not getting jealous then you need to move on from the relationship. Sounds like you’re a jealous person and you’re trying to validate that characteristic of yourself.

        I agree w/post. Jealousy totally sucks and is a distraction from one’s true values.

        • Mara says

          Shaun- I do not see a contradiction in Dr. Scott’s post from a research perspective, I think you may be a little harsh in your assessment of his comment. However, I like your own conclusion, that prolonged jealousy “is a distraction from one’s true values.” ; )

          Dr. Scott- I think you have a very useful and informative point. Jealousy, can be an indicator that there is a problem that needs to be addressed in a relationship and on a temporary basis can be beneficial. However, based on Joshua Becker’s last two sentences in #4, I don’t think he was trying to say that someone should never feel anger, jealousy, sadness, disappointment, I think he meant that a person shouldn’t *dwell* on anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. Feeling those emotions isn’t necessarily wrong or unhelpful, You’ve made a great point in how jealousy specifically can be felt in a healthy way, and is useful for indicating a potential problem in a relationship. I think you’d agree though (based on your advice to leave an overly jealous partner immediately), that feeling jealousy long-term, dwelling on it, but never acting on the problem, is unhealthy.

          Similarly, I think Joshua meant that *dwelling* on anger, hate, resentment isn’t helpful. The answer may mean to forgive someone, or change our attitude, or work to change our situation. But I think Joshua Becker’s point is: dwelling on those feelings, and letting them ruin your day(s) isn’t helpful. And I think he means to suggest addressing those problems, and moving on.

      • wyldaeval says

        In this case, the jealousy sounds very unhealthy. I have to wonder if a great deal of insecurity on her part isn’t the cause of the jealousy. Perhaps she’s afraid of losing you to others, unrealistically, of course. It doesn’t sound as though you are doing anything to bring on the jealousy since you’ve tried to include her in your family gatherings and activities. I was once in a similar situation and wanted for my partner to see a counselor with me. He refused, things escalated, and I had no choice but to leave. Self preservation. Our relationship had become toxic and he wasn’t willing to acknowledge that or do anything to change the situation. It’s difficult for me to envision anything positive about jealousy, especially in what should be a healthy, loving and secure relationship. Just my two cents on the matter.

    • RosaMimosa says

      The comments here about jealousy are your personal views. I sincerely hope that no one else will use them as a guide in their own personal lives. I doubt you have the training and knowledge to analyze relationships based on the comments posted here. Just as there are people who are extroverted, shy or laid back, there are people who just don’t get jealous. I am one of those people. I am just not a jealous person. I have very little, if any, jealousy when it comes to my marriage partner. I do, however, have a very low threshold for disrespect or unkindness. According to your analysis my 35 year marriage should have ended about 30 years ago.

      • wyldaeval says

        I like what you’ve said and agree. I hope my previous comment won’t be taken as advice on what to do. I was simply sharing my experience and thoughts on a comment made, not trying to give advice. I guess my comment could be seen as “food for thought”. but I am in no way qualified to offer advice on any situation. No two situations, no matter how similar they may seem, are going to be exactly alike and require the same response. There will be other factors to consider and when it comes down to it, people should to what feels right for them in their own situation.

  3. Lynne says

    I had decided that had to tackle this list a small bit at a time. I can tackle it one by one.

    My elephant in the room will be my debt. I know what I have to do, I just have to take a leap and do it.

    It is what is holding me back.

  4. Roderick says


    When I read your comment I truly wished that you could set yourself free from the debt you are in. I wish you the best in your efforts to make your life easier.

    • Lynne says


      Thank you so much for your words. The debt is a black cloud; I could have everything on this list done and the debt would keep me in a cage , I still would not be free.

      I know what I have to do.

      • Vicky says

        Lynne, keep going. You’ll do it. Stay strong and remember that sometimes we have to really change behaviors and social practices to get out of debt, and you might to ask your family and friends for patience. Hang in there. You will be free.

  5. Lilly says

    If you look at this list from a more meditative standpoint, you’ll understand and you’ll also realize that the list is not meant to be accomplished in a day, a week or even a month. I think it’s a lifetime commitment…Also, I believe the author is speaking of jealousy from more of a materialistic angle. In my opinion, at no point in anyone’s life does jealousy bring anything positive; not even in relationships…however, if we’re talking about envy and inspiration, then that’s different and can generally have positive effects.

    • Lynne says


      I made that same mistake early on, I thought once I started then poof! A week later I am done.. It was not until I read this and a few other writings I realized I had just started.

      • says

        There was a time when minimalism was for everyone … even palaces were sparsely furnished. Has human nature changed, or have we become so prosperous in some places that we’re no longer in charge of our own lives?

        Reading this list, I feel pretty good about where I am. The item that could use some help is multi-tasking … I don’t do it on my own time, but at work, it’s difficult to control given the environment. Perhaps I’m responding to everyone’s issues more immediately than I really need to.

  6. Pat says

    Funny….this is how my grandmother lived, as did many people in days gone by. A shame that our society needs direction on simplifying their lives, but it is, indeed, a real issue with many. Simplicity=quality.

  7. says

    A great post J.B!
    It’s easy to why this has become the most popular blog on your site (It sums it all up perfectly). If only you could photocopy, e-mail, blog or text it to the entire modern, consumerism-driven western world, then we may begin to really see the change that is so needed in our society. A change to a world where we care less about the labels that we wear and the cars we drive to one where we care about more about the neighbours we live next to, the time we spend with the ones we love and the world in which we inhabit. J.B for president? ;-)

    If you would like to read my weekly essays about inspiring others to live a simple, debt-free life of minimalism then please check out my website,

    My latest blogs include:
    Is the iPhone such a smart phone?
    A tale of opportunity cost (and the effects of compound interest)
    I don’t need much!
    Are you a clutterist? Take the 5-a-day challenge (and i’m not talking fruit!)

  8. Katja says

    In 2003 I had to move in with friends who needed my help-one paralyzed, the other wad dying. I became a true minimalist as I through everything from my apartment into the yard–sofa, furniture, books, videos, clocks,-EVERYTHING except my basics to life since I would now have a tiny bedroom as my home. I slept on an Asian futon that folded up into the closet. I had a tiny Japanese table as I sat on the floor. I LOVED THIS NEW, FREE, UNBURDENED, LIFE!!! Then it was time to move out to a one bedroom apt. At first I had next to nothing and LOVED IT! Eight years later I’m living in an ocean of JUNK, POSSESSIONS UNLIMITED! I’M MISERABLE! I want my minimalist life back again!! I’ve started by eliminating TV. Putting “free” stuff on the sidewalk for anyone who wants my “thrift store” collection of stuff that is even all over the floor! I was happier, healthier, more social, cleaner when I was a complete minimalist! I will be happier soon enough as I did in 2003–get all this mess out and live FREE!

      • mcatalina says

        We live in a very complicated world. Our forms of communications allow us to access values that work in various societies all over the world and have their basics inside religions and traditions that perhaps do or do not work in ours. We seem to be searching for absolute truths and yet when we find them, our amazing human mind rationalizes them and looks for something else, better or more meaningful, though they seem allusive. (Bob Linde) “The allusive butterfly of Love”

        We humans have come to this point in time because we just happen to be living in it and we by our human nature to adapt will always be thinking, working and acting (whether we realize it or not) in a way to best anticipate what we suspect is going to happen next. I believe that most of the time we should not allow any one thing to upset our balance. We do whether we believe in it or not, believe the truth, unless “it is found to be lies” (Jefferson Airplane) So, If I may be of good report, perhaps we should try to relax and have faith that Life is unfolding as it should, though sometimes it is painful, with positive faith and time, perhaps we will behave and be happy. peace to all.

  9. says

    i find myself in a place where i am still learning life experience day by day , i would love to try to think that my life would be easier as it get, but it dosent every day is something new , same thing just a different day, the only thing that motivates me at the moment is my money and the love i am getting from poeple i care about

  10. says

    money i earn while working , i want to finish the year on a good note , i mostly have negative toughs , because i do not accept the struggle i am living right now ,at the end of the year ill be okay with my 20 g but stills i have to provide for my surrodings , i enjoy life , iprefer getting high but i cant at the moment . i take someone who can manage his TIME has made it , because we cant buy or sell time lol really bored right now

  11. says

    Really interesting post…. I like the one that talks about minimizing your goals. I’m the kind of guy that wants to do 20 things at once but always ends up doing none of them….. Setting 2 goals for yourself and another one when you finish one…. It sounds so simple but I never thought of it. Thanks for these great tips. I will apply a few of them in my life!

    • di says

      Think things over for a while and create a reasonable schedule on a calendar. When you do approach a project, the process will proceed more easily.

      There are always unforeseen events that may require more thought or rescheduling.

  12. Fiona says

    I have wanted to live a minimalist life for years. Unfortunately, I live with a “collector.” I do the best that I can but he gets very upset when I get rid of stuff, even if it goes to good use. On special occasions, I have asked for either no presents or, if necessary, gifts that can be used up such as food or soap. He thinks there is something wrong with me. Help!

    • EcoMama says

      Fiona, as a collector, myself, I want you to know that there is hope for him. I still have a hard time letting go of stuff, but I am bringing less stuff into our house. I encourage you to be patient with your collector, and help him see the benefits of less stuff. Have an open, caring chat with him about this topic, letting him know how important this is, to you. There are emotional reasons for “collecting” and not letting go of stuff, and he may not even be aware of them. I know the source of these emotions for me, and I still have a hard time letting go. We are all a living “work in progress”. :-)

  13. Christine says

    I can’t wait to start. I have pared down quite a bit already but I need to do more. I can only do small bits at a time as I tend to get overwhelmed quickly. I had a great aunt that was a hoarder and I saw the conditions she lived in. My heart went out to her and the suffering she went through trying to part with her “stuff”.
    So very happy this website is available!
    Thank you!!!!

  14. Origbless says

    U.S. Healthcare costs could probably be reduced by 10%, long term, by employees who commit to following a diabetic diet during their working life.

    A friend’s father was diagnosed with diabetes at age 25. His Doctor then told him
    that if he adhered to a diabetic diet, henceforth, at age 65 he would have the body of a 25 year old.

    This is a very important thing.

    • di says

      Being overweight may lead to Diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, etc.

      The AMA now lists obesity as a disease.

      A pre-existing disease increases the cost of your health insurance.

      You may not be hired by a company, because you’ll increase their insurance premiums.

      Eating less is a good thing.

  15. Terry says

    My thanks to Joshua Becker for this piece. I’ve just recently decided to do whatever necessary to simplify my daily life. At nearly 60 years of age, I have developed a great number of habits that are, at very least, a hindrance to pursuing any semblance of a peaceful, simple, uncomplicated, uncluttered and contented way of life. My aim is to replace unhealthy habits with those more wholesome and beneficial – not only for me, but also for loved ones, friends or anyone else I encounter or with whom I associate. Mr. Becker’s offering serves as a useful guide to begin heading in this new direction.
    For those others who have indicated they’re doing the same, or considering doing so, I wish you all the best.

  16. says

    each time i used to read smaller articles or reviews that
    as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with
    this piece of writing which I am reading here.

  17. Sansu says

    i am very thankful there are blogs like this. this list is very important to me as i am having problems regarding these things whice complicate and affect my norml life. i am eager to take and follow your advices guys. thank u

  18. says

    I believe that this is our life & we have to fight for our life, fight for what we believe, fight for the people we love. Think for a while we are so lucky that we live this moment who know what will be next minute show us in our life. Take risks; take time to laugh, cry, and do something crazy which will give you happiness. Express u r thought about life on

  19. Dogwod says

    I could have wrote this. Feel the same way. AND, I live it.

    PhD, in Applied Human Behavior. Ha, didn’t know there was such a degree yet I’ve completed my Masters already and never knew it.

    Much thanks for sharing with all.

  20. David Wishengrad says


    There you go, perfect simplicity, one sentence, the flawless, Most Important Truth in Life.

    Measure all thoughts, words, and actions to The Most Important Truth in Life.

    Measure and compare any thought, word, or action to The Most Important Truth in Life first and if it disagrees it cannot be Truthful.

    This Truth is The Most Important.

    So, if you are out in the world supporting the killing of animals for the sole purpose of personal gratification (taste, convenience, fun, unneeded nutrition) you have violated the Most Important Truth in Life.

    Some say that the Truth is the Word of the True Living God. If that is correct, then the Most Important Truth in Life is the Most Important thing the True Living God has ever said to us.

    Any issues or challenges to that are very welcome. Just don’t use Life to make your challenge and then challenge in complete hypocrisy (lie). You might as well change your own past for good measure too if you want to prove how above the Truth you really are.

  21. says

    Thanks for these simple yet profound tips.

    I definitely want to work on reducing my negative thoughts. I’m definitely improving but I know it’s still a big blockage for me.

    Thanks again for sharing such awesome information. So many people will benefit from this :)

  22. says

    It is our point of reference in life most often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes this alteration is good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our viewpoint that exerts the most control how we act.

  23. bill says

    I enjoyed your article. Three times in my life I have reduced the physical “stuff” in my life to what would fit in my car. The last time I jettisoned the car. I now live from the seat of my bicycle and what can fit in the panniers (plus a few items that fit into a microwave box). In most ways I am very happy with my current situation. I have zero debt, a good amount of silver, plenty of cash to weather a good storm, very good health ( I am 54 and have been working out and doing yoga daily since I was 40). Recently I have let some friendships move to the back burner and I am single. The result of pulling the plug on the corporate world has been good and bad. I have found myself out of touch with my previous world and not in touch with the world I would like to be in. I am not friends with anyone I would call a minimalist or even close.In the past I have moved about the country making friends as I go but most of them from work or some other institution. I was hoping that I could avoid going back in the corporate world. My current situation requires only a small income to live a healthy lifestyle. I am caught in limbo and could use some help moving forward. I am planning a two year bicycle trip to South America starting in October and it looks like it will be solo. This is neither good nor bad because when traveling there is always good people doing the same thing but I really need to build some relationships with like minded people. Let me know if you have any ideas.

  24. Lorraine says

    I’m really happy I found this just when I needed it. As someone who has her fingers in too many pies, I really appreciate # 3.
    Although it is a simple, it is a big list to take on all at once, its perfect to print out or come back to from time to time to stay focused.

  25. says

    thnx from posting such useful information, i read it very carefully , what i enjoyed the most is to set goals or reduce goals which is much important inorder to achieve ur goal,bcz having more goals will be result in nothing!

    thank u so much once again !!

  26. says

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  27. says

    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. cheers

  28. Genus says

    Excellent article! We began simplifying when we started home schooling our children. By design, we cut back in ways we hadn’t imagined and are certainly better off.

    All the “running” to purchase school uniforms and “necessary” things needed for enrollment each year — was a chore and a financial “messing” (opposite of blessing)!

    Instituting a 9:00 pm telephone curfew has also helped. If the telephone rings after this time, whatever it is will wait.

  29. Olympia Alvarez says

    Oh my gosh! I feel like we are kindred spirits because I agree with this entire list and I live it! From time to time I have to be careful in the category of clothing because acquiring a large amount of clothes and shoes is potentially endless if you’re not careful so I try to put a number limit on things or use the “buy one/get rid of one” rule.

  30. Jesus says

    Excessive consumerism is bad for ya! You can’t shop your Way to, a happier life, it’s true, it say’s so in this guys new book you can buy on amazon for 2.95 !

  31. Savannah Allen says

    Just stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for freeing me from the dregs and depression of the life of an up-and-coming pre-med student. Realizing that simplifying my life could lead to a habit of happiness excites me and I cannot wait to begin my journey.
    Thank you for your story.
    I can’t wait to begin my own.

  32. John Spence says

    I have always been a minimalist but my wife and kids just say I am a neat freak who is way too generous giving stuff away…maybe I am.
    The thing about all this is I am living this way of life everyday but the people I love do not so it creates disturbances in the ‘Minimalist Force’ It is never my way to push my believes onto anyone….I always try and mind my own business but feel that Minimalism would work far better for me if i was single. but that’s not happening.
    My question to all of you out there is how do you keep your Minimalist Integrity intact when everyone around me is not buying into my Minimalist lifestyle…( no pun intended)
    kindest regards, John Spence

  33. says

    I’m an Australian guy who loves the minimalist lifestyle. Three years ago I set out on an amazing adventure around the world. Leading up to the trip, I gave everything away except for my iphone (the most useful travel accessory ever), and my stamp collection (a favorite childhood memory).
    Three years later, I now live in Germany and can still fit everything I own into one suitcase. ……except the guitar. ;-)
    Sometimes you just need to let go of everything to embrace something new. On my travels I found my future life partner, and have no regrets.
    Great blog Joshua.

  34. says

    Joshua, I love this post. Beautiful way to get back to the basics of life. I shared this with my community of friends on Twitter because I feel simplicity is the key to a successful life. I love to blog and this is great content. Joshua, thanks again. Blessings to you!

  35. Kathleen says

    Thank you for this article. If only more people thought this way, the world would be a better place!

    I would really like to simplify my life. Unfortunately single-tasking is not an option for nurses!!


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